3.5 – Mobilizing for action

Why is this important?

Mobilizing for action is an important part of institutional capacity. When a network has decided on an objective, it will not always be possible to act immediately; financing, knowledge resources and similar are needed. It is important to have an overview of funding/financing sources, programs, and political strategies that may bring the initiative forward. This tool may also be used to make strategies for how to mobilize the team leading an initiative, as well as the supporting network. This is the meaning of mobilization (see, among others, figure 3, which illustrates the balance between safe and unsafe).

This tool may be used to identify current and future opportunities, announcements/tenders, political commitments, programs, and funding sources in order to prompt mobilization. Another area where it can be used is in keeping track of funding programs. The tool can also be used to make strategies for how to proceed to mobilize when a new opportunity emerges. It can likewise be used to define who is responsible for what.

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