Exercise 1: If you are working with innovations, get an overview of the innovations that have come out of the network. Make a list of improvements that have resulted from collaboration in the network or among individual members of the network.

  • Create activities that focus on innovation and what innovation is. Even small innovations are in fact innovations.
  • Interview members about the benefits they have had from the other members in the network, and whether this led to innovation.
  • Gather information about what the total value creation in the network is and measure these changes over time. Acquire similar information for the industry or other competing networks in order to find out whether there are improvements.
  • Make a list of innovations and classify them. You may use a simple form, like the one shown in table 7. It is often important to be aware that innovation really happens as a result of the network existence and the meeting place that represents.

Table 7. Innovation log.

This table is editable, but you can not save. Consider printing out this page if you choose to fill it out.
New forms of organization:

New input factors:

New production processes:

New types output/product:

New markets:

Exercise 2

The Hellenes enterprise has developed an arena for innovation, partly on a non-profit bases targeted on industry. Read about Hellenes here: http://hellenes.as/innovation/. This might be inspired by the concept coworking spaces for entrepreneurs in general. One Norwegian example here: https://www.coworker.com/norway

Does your network have hubs like Hellenes that invites other participants for common research and development? What sort of resources would you need to develop and maintain such a hub?

  • Infrastructure?
  • Competence?
  • Networks?
  • Financing?

In innovative networks, innovation is the basis for increased value creation and a competitive edge. Thus, all the tools mentioned in the toolbox will in some way or another be connected to creating innovation.

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