This exercise can be found on page 51 in “Toolbox 2.0 for Strategic Leadership of Innovative Networks”. You can download a PDF version of the toolbox here.


Exercise 1: How do we develop external benefits (See table 12)?

1. Do we develop external benefits in and around the network?
2. Can we quantify the benefits and promote good examples of this? Try to describe and possibly quantify the effects of activities and results.
3. Use the UN E-Handbook on Sustainable Development Goals Indicators and evaluate your impact on relevant goals.

Table 12. Questions to uncover possible external benefit.

This table is editable, but you can not save. Consider printing out this page if you choose to fill it out.
Different areas of external benefit Our network
If we develop new technology, will it be of use to other producers?
Are there specific environmental benefits associated with the project?
Are there specific health benefits associated with the project?
Is training and learning beneficial for those outside the network?
If we build new infrastructure, will it be of use to others?
How will the measure influence the wellbeing in the area/region?
Will the earnings from the measure stay in the region, or will they be pulled out?
In what ways will the reputation of the network be improved?

External benefit has to be seen in connection with strategic tools such as the hedgehog concept, building relationships and lifecycle. It is also closely related to the functional tool “building legitimacy”.

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