Chapter 2 – Tools to establish and renew main strategy

In this chapter, we present four tools strategic development of the network. There are a number of strategic tools for developing an overarching strategy, based on our experience we have chosen four tools:

1. What should we pursue? It is important for any network to find out what one can, will and should invest time, money and other resources in.
2. Risk propensity: Again, any network should clarify and analyze their willingness to take risks.
3. Institutional capacity: A network with high institutional capacity have ability to respond to changes in the environment in a constructive way. To have such capacity is a question of life or death for the network. Lock in and fragmentation is an issue.
4. Life cycle: The life cycle illustrates how a network goes through different stages in its life time, e.g. formation, growth, maturation and decline. There can be different challenges related to different stages, therefore it is important to perform a life cycle analysis.

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